Frontline Fund was established when the wives of firefighters, Carrie Calvin and Jill Coyle came together in recognition that the workers, first on scene and at risk during Covid-19, and their families, were needing extra support.

A non-profit, Frontline Fund gives back all proceeds to Eagle County essential frontline workers, and their families in need. Each item sold, will be used to purchase gift cards to local businesses to them go direct to our frontline worker’s pockets.

Although being married to the industry, we have always knows that when we say good bye to them before they head onto shift, there is always a risk. Covid-19 amplified it all. When others were able to quarantine or social distance…our family was on the frontline, first to interact with patients, analyze their condition and get them safely into our healthcare workers hands.

With the uncertainty of the illness, the shift in symptoms, and exposure our first responders showed up each day with an higher level of anxiety, alertness and uncertainty. Even with all precautions being taken, there is always the risk of not only themselves, but bringing it into their home.

Frontline Fund applicants are open to Eagle County Firefighters, Paramedics, First Responders, Healthcare Workers, Teachers and Essential Workers. This is an ongoing fund to support our community in hardship and crisis, not just the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this time, we feel strongly that we need to continue to support those who are keeping our county, families, businesses and community safe.

Applicants will receive gift cards purchased from local businesses per the type of need. Details coming soon.

For now, we are just hoping with your support you will purchase an item we have designed while we work directly with frontline applicants.

All vendors in this project are local, and all design and marketing efforts are donated.