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Even on a routine day, Eagle County firefighters, first responders and frontline workers risk their lives on our behalf. With the COVID-19 crisis, the danger to their health and the health of their family is at a level never seen. The Frontline Fund was established as a way to thank and support the brave Eagle County frontline workers for their selfless service in keeping us safe and in our safety and essential needs.

All proceeds from the sales will be used to purchase gift cards from local businesses to give to frontline workers, and their families in need. 

As such, your generous donation supports our community in three ways . . . our frontline workers, their families, and local small businesses. Through this purchase, we want to drive your dollar back into the community, and local economy.

With our country navigating this global shift on a daily basis, this is a simple way to prepare our county in a time of crisis in the future.

Thank you to our partners